215.00lei fara TVA

Material: otel inoxidabil atat paleta cat si manerul

Greutate: 960 g

Diametru : 20 cm

Lungime coada : 150 cm

MADE OF SUBSTANCE Specific folds and ribs in the head guarantee ideal capacity. The reduced head thickness (15/10 mm thick) does not require any particular milling and enables the correct gripping of the pizza.

> ERGONOMIC The light aluminium handle (0.6 mm thick) is ribbed for greater strength. The oval tubular design (30×15 mm) ensures stability and prevents rotation.

> HARD-WEARING AND SECURE: THE THREE RIVETS The head/handle joint is secured by three rivets to guarantee lasting immovability. > PERFORATION The perforated versions have holes that have been specifically designed on the initial part for getting hold of the pizza.

> SMALL PEELS WITH SLIDING HIGHLY-RESISTANT INSULATION (see page 13) All-stainless steel small peel with a perfectly round head that is 10/10 mm thick; solid or perforated. The handle base and sliding interim grip are in specific high-density polymer with highresistance to impact and heat (a fitting on the handle base makes it possible to block the interim element and find it available at the top when the small peel is placed head down.


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