PALETA Evolutione E-32RF - perforata total

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Paleta perforata pentru introdus pizza in cuptor . Paleta este din aluminiu tratat S.H.A. (Special Hard Anodizing). Acest tratament garanteaza protectie maxima impotriva coroziunii, uzurii si frictiunii.

Noul sistem de perforatie, asigura eliminarea excesului de faina in 2 directii.

Dimensiuni: 33×33 cm

Lungime maner: 150 cm

Greutate: 0,70 kg


1. Noul sistem de perforatii – Eliminarea excesului de faina optimizat

2. Rezistenta la caldura – De 3 ori mai rezistenta la caldura decat aluminiul anodizat

3. Durabilitate – Rezistenta crescuta impotriva coroziunii, zgarieturilor, uzura si lovituri

4. Coeficient de frictiune foarte scazut

> STRONG AND LIGHT All models of the azzurra line are lighter than classic models, yet extremely strong with oval tubular peel handles to make them more stable.

> PRACTICALITY Light, flexible aluminium heads to allow for a scraper effect with specific ribs to ensure seal. Neutral anodising that makes the surface even and protects it from oxidisation Gentle, regular milling to facilitate taking hold of the pizza.

> HARD-WEARING AND SECURE: THE THREE RIVETS The head-handle joint consists of the overlay of two elements secured by three large rivets in line, to guarantee complete safety and no movement. The advantage of the riveted joints is the absence of vibrations transmitted to the handle, making for more comfortable use.

> PERFORATION LOW FRICTION AND REDUCED DUSTING FLOUR In the perforated versions (see p. 12), the peel and small peel heads have holes throughout the surface, specifically designed to ensure low friction and to release flour, preventing it from becoming attached to the pizza bottom and risking burning.


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