130.00lei fara TVA

Material: Aluminiu anodizat si maner acoperit cu plastic rezistent la caldura

Greutate: 0,7 kg

Diametru : 20 cm

Lungime coada : 150 cm

Pretul nu contine TVA !!

> LIGHT All of the Amica line models are light to make them practical for occasional use.

> HARD-WEARING AND SECURE: THE THREE RIVETS The head-handle joint consists of the overlay of two elements secured by three large rivets in line, to guarantee complete safety and no movement.

> ERGONOMICS The oval tubular handles (30×15 mm) ensure stability and prevent rotation.

> SIZES The head sizes satisfy those looking for a tool to move standard pizzas (diameter of around 30 cm) both in small ovens (in the home) and in deeper ovens (handles from 60 cm to 150 cm).

> MATERIALS The choice may fall to three different head materials: aluminium, aluminate, stainless steel. The latter is round, the others are rectangular.


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