PALETA ALICE R-45RF perforata partial

540.00lei fara TVA

Cap din aluminiu anodizat neutru 20/10 mm, mâner negru anodizat 35/18 mm (grosime 1,4 mm).
Îmbinarea mânerului capului constă în inserarea extensiei capului în mâner, blocat intern de două conuri cu îmbinare de expansiune.
Grosimea de 20/10 mm îi conferă rigiditate și garantează un cap ferm, capabil să susțină chiar și cele mai grele pizza.
Mânerul de 35×18 mm este solid cu aluminiu gros de 1,4 mm.
Găurile proiectate special pe partea superioara a paletei permit îndepărtarea excesului de făină.

Dimensiuni: 45×45 cm

Lungime maner: 150 cm

Greutate: 1,49 kg

> TOOLS WITH WEIGHT All-aluminium peel.

>STRONG • The head-handle joint consists of the insertion in the handle of the head extension blocked internally by two cones with expansion joint. • The thickness of 20/10 mm gives it rigidity and guarantees a firm head, able to raise even the heaviest pizzas.

> PRACTICAL The rectangular head provides the perfect housing for pizza with a very large curve radius, dropping to the base. Milling is at the front. > ERGONOMIC The 35×18 mm handle is solid with 1.4 mm thick aluminium. Available in three different lengths.

> PERFORATION The perforated versions have holes that have been specifically designed on the initial part of the head to release any flour that may have become stuck under the pizza during dusting.

> A STRONG, HEAT-RESISTANT SMALL PEEL All stainless steel small peel to guarantee perfect insulation of hands from heat. • 18 mm tubular diameter handle and traditional attachment directly on the round blade. • Grips at the base of the handle and sliding element in specific polymer with highresistance to impact and heat (a fitting on the handle base makes it possible to block the interim element and find it available at the top when the small peel is placed head down). • Oval head 15/10 mm thick to guarantee total strength (suitable for moving small pieces of wood).


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